Become a partner

Offer help

Help people nearby get tasks & errands done.

Earn Instantly

Get paid instantly for help your offer.

Be Your Boss

Call your own shots. Work when you wish.

Gain Perks

Get rewarded for milestone achievements.

Choose how to partner

You can choose to become a task & errand partner or a local business partner.

Task & Errand Partner

Task & errand partners fulfill tasks and errands. They collaborate with local business partners from start to completion of tasks and errands. In the end, they earn a commission (usually between 60-70%).

Local Business Partner

Local business partners hold ownership of the Localepp brand in their community. They collaborate with the Localepp team to manage day-to-day operations of the Localepp brand in their community. After paying out royalty (about 30% of revenue) to Localepp, they keep the rest of the earnings realised from their operations.

Anyone can become a task and errand partner. All you need is skill and spare time. Request to join and get started with onboarding. This may involve interviews, tests, screening, verification and documentation.

You are required to have a registered business and make an initial monetary investment before becoming a local business partner. After meeting these requirements, you may also be subjected to interview, screening, verification and documentation.

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