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Frequent-user friendly plans

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Verified assistants

Localepp assistants pass a thorough screening and verification process before onboarding.

Dedicated service managers

A dedicated manager coordinates and tracks the progress of tasks/errands you have assigned to a Localepp assistant.

24/7 support

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Before you go ahead to request for epp, here is an infograph showing everything assistants can help you do.

Home/Office Cleaning

Clean your home/office interior and exterior.

Car Washing

Clean your car interior and exterior at home or at the office.


Handle house chores like cooking, dishwashing, laundrying and babysitting.

Maintenance & Repair

Carry out basic maintenance and repairs at home or at the office.


Shop for grocery and supplies for you at local markets or stores nearby.

Location & Identity Verification

Confirm authenticity of nearby places and people for you.

Pickup & Delivery

Pick up and deliver letters, documents, parcels, light items and heavy loads for you nearby.

Travel Guidance

Guide or drive you around the city with sound knowledge of routes and trends.

Gardening & Farming

Tend your indoor and outdoor garden or farm with the best traditional and modern techniques.

Virtual Business

Manage digital business tasks for you.


Provide learning guidance and support for academic and professional level.

Friend for Rent

Hangout or attend events with you as a friend.


Drive a car on your request.


Ride a motorbike for you.


Cut or plait hair for you on request.

Mechanical Maintenance & Repair

Maintain and repair mechanical sets for you (e.g. car, motorbike or generator).


Give you a hand with tasks at an event.


Make clothes for you for any occasion.


Watch and safeguard a person or property for you.


Interpret messages from a local language to another, or to other languages.

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